Service Info: utility

Service Description

This service provides various utility operations that are considered generally useful functions for a diverse range of line-of-business applications.

Available Operations

The following operations are available for the utility service. You can click on each operation to see detailed information about that operation.

Operation Description
calculateSHA1Checksum This operation calculates the SHA1 checksum of a given file
cryptDecodeAccessToken Invoke this operation to recover content from a secure, time limited access token generated by a call to the utility::cryptEncodeAccessToken operation.
cryptEncodeAccessToken Invoke this operation to generate a secure, time limited access token. The content provided on creation can be recovered by calling the utility::cryptDecodeAccessToken operation. The encryption scheme employed is a symmetrical cipher based on RC4 using a shared key.
cryptGenerateRandomBytes Used to generate a random byte stream, useful when creating random data for keys
cryptGenerateRandomString Used to generate a random string, useful when creating passwords and other randomness
cryptHornbillEcryptBytes Used to encode data given the data and key to encode, this is a Hornbill-specific scheme based on AES128
entityAccessControlEvaluator This method is for testing expressions evaluated by JavaScript Engine for entity access control. The evaluation will use the fields of the specified entity instance and the expression specified in the 'expression' parameter. Fields can be referenced as &[field.fieldName] where 'fieldName' is the referenced field. Please note that session variable names are case sensitive. E.g. &[session.userid] will not be found (it should be &[session.userId]).
generateCafsAccessToken Invoke this operation to generate a valid Content Addressable File Store (CAFS) access token. This operation is used only by the system administrator account, and is mainly used by the QA/testing tools to verify the behaviour of the WebDAV/CAFS security model.
geoipLookupHostName This operation returns GeoIP information for a given host name. The Host name can be any host name that resolves to an IPV4 address.
geoipLookupIpAddress This operation returns GeoIP information for a given IP address.
geoipLookupIpNumber This operation returns GeoIP information for a given IP address number. The number is a 32-bit unsigned numeric representation of the IP address
hmac256 This operation returns a HMAC SHA1-256 digest for a given key and message.
httpGetResourceInfo This operation is used to query a HTTP resource an return information about it.
httpInvoke Operation for HTTP request. The request has 20 seconds connection and 40 seconds read time-out.
languageTranslatePhrase This operation takes a phrase in one language and attempts to translate it to another language. This operation uses the Google Translate API which is a chargeable service provided by Google. You need to add a Google Translate API Key through the administration tool before this operation will work. Please note that the underlying Google Translate API does not have support for Language cultures so if specified the culture will be ignored. For example 'en', 'en-GB' and 'en-US' are all treated as 'en'
ldapDirectQuery This operation is used to query data from an LDAP server.
ldapGetNamingContexts This operation is used to obtain root naming context information from an LDAP server.
ldapTestConnection This operation is used to initiate a test connection to the specified LDAP server.
pdfDocumentCompose EXPERIMENTAL: Use this operation to compose a document using a PDF template.
pdfDocumentTemplateInfo EXPERIMENTAL: Use this operation to get information about a PDF template.
pdfDocumentTemplateList EXPERIMENTAL: Use this operation to get a list of available PDF templates.
pdfGenerate EXPERIMENTAL: Use this operation to generate a PDF file from a HTML Source.
regexMatch This operation determines whether a given regular expression matches all of the input string. The default regular expression syntax is ECMAScript.
regexReplace This operation replaces all matching occurrences in the input string with the specified replacement.
regexSearch This operation searches a string for a given regular expression with ECMAScript as default syntax.
samlResponseDebug Used to debug SAML response envelope decode and validation.
smsSend EXPERIMENTAL: Use this operation to send one or more SMS messages. While the SMS services API's are experimental, sending messages will be free of any charge, although a "reasonable use" policy will be applied. Hornbill reserves the right to withdraw this capability at any time without notice. When SMS features are released into normal service the customers will be required to buy SMS credits in order to continue to send SMS messages through the Hornbill platform. You can read more about this here: - Hornbill SMS Messaging Capabilities

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