Operation: reporting::measureTestSample

General Description

Performs a sample and returns the result. This operation queries the database and return the result. This can be used to test/verify the measure specified is working as expected. This operation does not store he results in the measures sample collection history.

Operation Notes

System Privileges Mail Privileges Calendar Privileges Database Privileges
sys.f.manageMeasures -- -- db.[default_db].h_data_measures.browse

Request Message

Input Parameters

The measureTestSample method takes the following input parameters. It is important to note that the parameters must be passed to the operation in the same order as they appear here in order to satisfy the requirement of the input validation checks.

Name Type Attributes Description
measureId xs:unsignedInt required once The unique identifier for the measure that you want to test the sample for
sampleDate xs:dateTime optional Specify anchor date for the sample. This date will be used in conjunction with the measure queries 'measureFrequencyType' option to determine the data source range to sample.

Input Data

Response Message

Output Parameters

Name Type Attributes Description
rangeFrom xs:dateTime required once The date/time for the start of the date ranged used to take the measure.
rangeTo xs:dateTime required once The date/time for the end of the date ranged used to take the measure.
sampleCount xs:decimal required once The number of records that were sampled for this measure.
sampleValue xs:decimal required once The value returned from the measure taken.
timeTaken xs:unsignedInt required once The amount of time taken to run the query.

Output Data

Code Generation & Samples

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