Service Info: reporting

Service Description

Exposes reporting operations.

Available Operations

The following operations are available for the reporting service. You can click on each operation to see detailed information about that operation.

Operation Description
dashboardAccessGrant Operation to grant access on an existing dashboard instance.
dashboardAccessRevoke Operation to revoke access on an existing dashboard instance.
dashboardCreate Operation to create a new reporting dashboard instance.
dashboardDelete Operation to delete an existing dashboard instance.
dashboardGetAccessRecords Operation to retrieve grantees of an existing dashboard instance.
dashboardGetAccessibleBoards Operation to retrieve dashboards that the invoker has access to.
dashboardGetLayout Operation to retrieve layout information about the existing dashboard instance.
dashboardGetRecord Operation to retrieve dashboard instance.
dashboardUpdate Operation to update an existing reporting dashboard instance.
measureClearSampleData Deletes all the sample data associated with the specified measure(s) and optionally forces a complete re-sample of the data.
measureCopy Creates a new reporting measure based on an existing measure.
measureCreate Creates a new reporting measure.
measureDelete Deletes a reporting measure - all of the measures sample data will also be deleted.
measureGetInfo Gets detailed information about the reporting measure.
measureGetList Gets the list of measures.
measureTestSample Performs a sample and returns the result. This operation queries the database and return the result. This can be used to test/verify the measure specified is working as expected. This operation does not store he results in the measures sample collection history.
measureUpdate Updates one or more properties if an existing data measure.
reportCreate Creates a report
reportDelete Delete a report
reportGetDefinition Retrieve a report
reportGetPreviewData Return preview data from report query.
reportRun Initiate a report run
reportRunDelete Delete the result of a previously run report
reportRunGetHistory Return the report run history for the specified report, ordered date completed descending
reportRunGetStatus Get the current status of a report run
reportRunSetStatus Set the current status of a report run
reportUpdate Updates a report
slideshowCopy Copies a slideshow.
slideshowCreate Creates a slideshow.
slideshowDelete Deletes a slideshow.
slideshowGet Retrieves a slideshow information.
slideshowUpdate Updates a slideshow.
widgetCreate Creates the widget with the specified information.
widgetDelete Deletes the specified widget.
widgetGetData Gets the data associated with this widget.
widgetGetDrillDownData Gets the drill down data associated with this widget.
widgetGetInfo Gets detailed information about the widget.
widgetGetPreviewData Gets the data associated with specified widget definition.
widgetGetPreviewDrillDownData Gets the drill down data associated with specified widget definition.
widgetUpdate Updates the specified widget.

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