Service Info: knowledgebase

Service Description

This service provides operations that allow you to interact with the KnowledgeBase feature of Hornbill ESP.

Available Operations

The following operations are available for the knowledgebase service. You can click on each operation to see detailed information about that operation.

Operation Description
articleAdd This method adds a new article to the KnowledgeBase.
articleDelete This method deletes an article from the KnowledgeBase.
articleUpdate This method updates an existing document in the KnowledgeBase.
catalogAdd This method adds a new catalog to the KnowledgeBase.
catalogDelete This method deletes a catalog from the KnowledgeBase.
catalogList This method is used to obtain a list of catalogs defined in the KnowledgeBase.
catalogRename This method renames an existing catalog in the KnowledgeBase.
documentAdd This method adds a new document to the KnowledgeBase.
documentDelete This method deletes a document that is currently in the KnowledgeBase.
documentGetCallref This method returns the call reference that relates to the specified document.
documentGetInfo This method returns the meta information for the specified document.
documentGetType This method returns the type of the specified document.
documentGetUrl This method returns the absolute URL that refers to the specified document.
documentList This method returns a list of documents in the specified catalog.
documentUpdate This method updates an existing document in the KnowledgeBase.
indexPage This method indexes a webpage and adds/updates the associated document in the KnowledgeBase.
query This method returns a list of documents that match the provided query.
templateList This method retrieves a list of currently available templates.

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