Service Info: indexer

Service Description

This service provides operations that allow you to interact with the Index feature of Hornbill ESP: it is possible to manage an index and search it.

Available Operations

The following operations are available for the indexer service. You can click on each operation to see detailed information about that operation.

Operation Description
docAdd This method adds a new document to an index. The document will be given a unique identifier which is returned by this method.
docAddUsingID This method is used to add a new document to an index with a given document identifier (useful when for instance the index has been removed but the old document IDs are still stored in the database).
docBulkUpdate This method is used to update multiple documents in a single operation.
docDelete This method deletes one or more documents from the specified index
docDoesExist This method checks if a given identifier belongs to a document in an index.
docList This method is used to list all documents within an index.
docUpdate This method is used to update the content of a document in an index. Only changed fields need to be included.
getIndexDetails This method returns health and usage statistics for each index.
getIndexStoragesList This method returns the list of existing index storages.
indexCommitChanges This method commits changes done on an index (Add/Delete/Update) to the index files and reloads the index searcher so that new changes can be found by the Search.
indexCreate This method creates a new index.
indexDelete This method deletes an existing index.
indexOptimize This method launches the optimization of an index for faster searches. It essentially merges together index files.
This operation is somewhat slow as it does several accesses to the filesystem and it is better to use it after a batch of calls (e.g: docAdd) rather than after each call.
Note: This operation is already automatically called after a given number of changes done to the index.
This method will return straight away, before the operation is complete. Please use isOptimizing to poll the state of the optimization process.
indexRestructure EXPERIMENTAL: This method updates an index with the current data types and mappings. This will start an asynchronous job.
indexSearch This method searches an index for documents matching the query string.
indexSynchronize This method helps synchronize an index with desired content.
isOptimizing This method tells if the server is currently optimizing an index. This function can be called to poll the status of indexOptimize to check when optimization has finished.
isReindexing This method tells if the server is currently reindexing an index. This function can be called to check when a reindex has finished.
isRestructuring EXPERIMENTAL: This method tells if the server is currently restructuring an index. This function can be called to check when a restructure has finished.
reindex This method reindexes the database of documents of the specified storage.
reindexDefinitionCreate This is DEPRECATED and should not be used. Invoke this method to create/update reindex storage definition for the specified index storage.

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