Operation: bpm::captureAdd

General Description

Invoke this operation to add a new progressive capture.

Operation Notes

System Privileges Mail Privileges Calendar Privileges Database Privileges
sys.c.manageProgressiveCapture -- -- db.[default_db].h_bpm_procapture.browse

Request Message

Input Parameters

The captureAdd method takes the following input parameters. It is important to note that the parameters must be passed to the operation in the same order as they appear here in order to satisfy the requirement of the input validation checks.

Name Type Attributes Description
application appNameType optional Specify the name of the application this capture relates to. If not specified then "system" is assumed.
name xs:string required once The name of the form flow definition.
description xs:string optional A description to help describe the purpose of the progressive capture
owner xs:string optional The Co-worker ID of the capture owner
capture captureFlowType required once The capture form flow.
validateStructure xs:boolean optional
If set to 'true' (default), then the process structural integrity will be validated.
activate xs:boolean optional
If set to 'true' the capture will be activated, but only if the structure is valid. If this is set to true the validateStructure input parameter is overridden and the structure is validated before activation.
category xs:string optional The category of the progressive capture

Input Data

Response Message

Output Parameters

Name Type Attributes Description
captureId xs:unsignedInt required once The unique identifier assigned to the capture

Output Data

Code Generation & Samples

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