Operation: bpm::autoTaskGetState

General Description

Invoke this operation get information about the specified running AutoTask instance.

Operation Notes

System Privileges Mail Privileges Calendar Privileges Database Privileges
-- -- -- db.[default_db].h_bpm_instance.browse

Request Message

Input Parameters

The autoTaskGetState method takes the following input parameters. It is important to note that the parameters must be passed to the operation in the same order as they appear here in order to satisfy the requirement of the input validation checks.

Name Type Attributes Description
identifier xs:string required once The unique identifier of the spawned AutoTasks.
returnRuntimeContext xs:boolean optional
Set this to true if you would like to return the runtime context
waitSequence xs:unsignedInt optional
Wait for sequence change for upto 10 seconds. If ZERO or not defined then return immediately
waitTime xs:unsignedInt optional
The amount of time to wait (in seconds) for a status change. Default is 10

Input Data

Response Message

Output Parameters

Name Type Attributes Description
application appNameType required once Name of the application that the AutoTask belongs to
name xs:string required once The name of the AutoTask process
reference xs:anyURI optional An application defined reference, such as a URN to an entity record or any other application-definable meaningful (to the application spawning the AutoTask) reference.
processState bpmStateType required once The state of the AutoTask process.
inputParam typedInputParameterType optional
The input parameters for this AutoTask.
outputParam typedOutputParameterType optional
The output parameters from this AutoTask.
currentNode xs:string optional The node identifier of the currently executed node.
failureMessage xs:string optional The error message in the case of AutoTask failure.
runtimeContext xs:string optional Returns a JSON formatted object that represents the AutoTask runtime variables.
lastUpdated xs:dateTime required once Returns the date/time the AutoTask process was last updated
waitSequence xs:unsignedInt required once You can use this value to call this operation again to wait for status changes
waitTimeout xs:boolean required once The wait timeout

Output Data

Code Generation & Samples

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