Operation - com.hornbill.docmanager::DocumentSearch

General Description

Search for documents

Request Message

Input Parameters

The DocumentSearch method takes the following input parameters. It is important to note that the parameters must be passed to the operation in the same order as they appear here in order to satisfy the requirement of the input validation checks.

Name Type Attributes Description
query xs:string required once The search Query
pagestart xs:integer optional Use for paging (default 0)
limit xs:integer optional Max number of results (default 10)
segmentLimit xs:integer optional limit how many documents the search will return before checking if they are available for the user (default 100)
libraryUrn xs:string optional
Limit results to those in this library
searchInCustomerPortalLibraries xs:boolean optional Limit results to those in this library
searchInEmployeePortalLibraries xs:boolean optional Limit results to those in this library

Response Message

Output Parameters

The DocumentSearch method returns the following output parameters.

Name Type Attributes Description
documents xs:string optional List of documents (JSON)
totalSearchResults xs:integer optional The total matching results
nextPage xs:integer required once Send this as the pagestart to get next results
segmentMatch xs:integer required once How many documents in this search were available to the user The approx results for user is segmentMatch / totalSearchResults
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